The Daily Dose Project

I blogged for 125 (almost) consecutive days during 2017 on a range of topics from faith to entrepreneurship to anything else. This is the result:

  1. Idealatry - It was a difficult project. It took a lot of reflection, correction, and hard work to get the design just right. And he knew just where to build it. He’d start his work right there in perfect view of his mind’s eye. He built it and it shined with perfection. He stepped back and let … Continue reading Idealatry
  2. Schadenfreude - A number of months back, I was awoken in the morning by the ringing and repeating of a word in my inner ear. by Roger Hargreaves (source) I got out of bed, opened my computer, and tried to spell out the word that had woken me up. Google made a slight correction to my spelling … Continue reading Schadenfreude
  3. Two Kinds of Leaders - It’s about where they build their fires. photo source There’s leader A and leader B. Leader A leaves his cabin, lights a fire in the fire pit, and returns inside — sitting close to the door to feel the heat. Leader B leaves his cabin, grabs some logs, and returns inside — lighting a fire in the indoor fireplace. Soon … Continue reading Two Kinds of Leaders
  4. The Intrapreneur - photo source It’s the entrepreneur’s twin sister. They’re very similar, but instead of striking out on their own to make a change (like the entrepreneur), the intrapreneur usually creates change from the inside. Where the entrepreneur travels into a remote forest and builds a cabin, the intrapreneur finds an old shack and renovates it. While … Continue reading The Intrapreneur
  5. What if today was the last day of someone else’s life? - photo source Let me throw a thought at you… You’ve probably heard the common question, “What if today was the last day of your life?” The question focuses your attention on what really matters in your life. The purpose of the question is, of course, to inspire you to change your actions to align with … Continue reading What if today was the last day of someone else’s life?
  6. Wanted: better questions - photo source It’s tempting to focus on finding answers to our current questions, rather than setting off to find a better question. Holding onto a question that doesn’t yet have an answer can be a difficult, vulnerable, and uncomfortable thing to do. It is for this reason that we can be prone to disregard difficult, … Continue reading Wanted: better questions
  7. Imago Me - photo source He was an artist, practicing his craft from the first moment that his ego could entertain his own greatness. With the commitment of a nervous tick, he would observe himself, making adjustments to his appearance in all of its wonderful manifestations. Each day was a stage and he was the star! The early … Continue reading Imago Me
  8. Imagine that! - Some thoughts on imagination. photo source Though it’s popular to encourage the imagination, I wonder if many of us really find the imagination valuable. The imagination can be dangerous, for the new things that it produces always create an insecurity in what has come before. What the imagination creates today can make what it created … Continue reading Imagine that!
  9. The Rescuer - photo source Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. You’re in a room with no memory of how you got to this place. You see her, a friend, burning under white discs of light. People meander around, all dressed in the same uniform. It’s unclear whether they can see you or not. Are … Continue reading The Rescuer
  10. It Is and It’s Not - photo source There are days where I find what I do funny. Like an out of body experience, there are times where I can remove myself far enough from what I do to reflect on it. There are many things that come out of those moments of reflection, but one thing I’ll share here is … Continue reading It Is and It’s Not
  11. Projector Man - A Story About Most of Us photo source There stands a man. Tall, dark, and with the glass bulb of a projector coming through his forehead. Everywhere he went he was disappointed, discontent, and frustrated. Somedays his morning would start well. The sun would fall on his face and wake him up with the feeling of … Continue reading Projector Man