The Rescuer

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Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.

You’re in a room with no memory of how you got to this place.

You see her, a friend, burning under white discs of light. People meander around, all dressed in the same uniform. It’s unclear whether they can see you or not. Are you dreaming?

Is your friend strapped down? A hostage? Unconscious? Blinded and stunned by the light?

Your state of shock is softening to a daze and you begin to come to your senses.

What do they want with her?

You see the leader. He has a?! The light from the discs bounce off the blade and slice into your eyes. You fall forward with a force that fractures the leader’s arm.

The sound of the knife hitting the floor ushers in a time of frozen silence.

With everyone floating in a state of shock, you step over to your friend.

Feeling relieved, you admit to yourself that you rescued her.

An aged voice breaks the silence. Coming through a speaker in the ceiling, it calls out, “Dr. Nuñez, please report to surgery room 4. Dr. Nuñez, please report to surgery room 4.”

Some suffering leads to healing and to rescue someone from it isn’t to rescue them at all.

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #119.

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