True and False Obedience

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Obedience can be a weird thing to talk about. Sometimes it feels like a bad word.

I’ll define obedience as ‘expressing trust through acting according to someone’s wishes and directions.’

Obeying God is a way — maybe the way — we express our love to him.

Receiving God’s love creates an environment where we can trust him. Our trust is expressed through our choice to live our lives according to his wishes and directions.

The issue is not whether we will obey or not. We will obey someone — whether that’s a cultural icon or me, myself, and I. The real question that we must wrestle with is… who will I obey?

The person that I choose to obey will set out the path upon which I will travel and thus the destination that my life will move toward.

Obedience only feels like a bad word when we haven’t received God’s love — when we don’t yet trust him. In this place, obedience feels like pressure to fulfill arbitrary commands. Obedience feels like a threat to our freedom.

This is the foundation of unhealthy religion—commands drained of love.

True obedience is the free choice of a heart that is loved, trusting, and at rest. False obedience — obedience for the sake of falling in line or protecting oneself — is the fruit of fear.

True and healthy obedience to God is the choice to follow in his footsteps toward wherever he is heading — just as a child who is loved by their parent desires to be like them and to be near them.

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #113.

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