Just a (kairos) moment.

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A human life may be a sum of its minutes, but the meaning of that life is found in a collection of moments.

A moment, in this sense, is different than the time before and after it. You probably know it. It’s a period of time when your senses cut through the surface of day to day life and encounter the rich reality of existence.

In this moment it may feel that time has stopped, or that instead of time continuing to move as normal, it may feel that one specific minute has swallowed you up and left you to experience the fullness of that one moment in time.

This can happen in a conversation that moves from small talk to someone sharing something vulnerable and deeply honest. It can happen in an experience of déjà vu, or at a major turning point in life — like the beginning of someone’s or the end of someone’s.

Some writers refer to this idea as a kairos moment. As opposed to chronos time, “meaning successive or sequential time, the kind of time you find on your wristwatch,” kairos time is “a moment in time when perhaps everything changes because it is the right time.” [1]

The abundance of life is found in moments, kairos moments. They are the moments when everything changes, the moments when God breaks in. The best way to find these moments is to let them find you. You can do this by slowing down, being present, and becoming aware of your heart and those of the people around you.

[1] Breen, Mike. Building a Discipling Culture.

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This is Dose #109.

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