The End of Hype Is the Beginning of Passion

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Oftentimes, hype is a replacement for vulnerability, authenticity, and the nuanced nature of reality. It can be a masked cry for acceptance or simply the leaking of our pride and ambition out into the world in loud, impassioned speeches and shiny marketing.

On the other hand, authentic passion is not a tool to get what you want. It’s honest, natural, and nuanced. It can show forth through excitement, but that excitement is fed from a deep well of love, not a short-term, shallow pool of ambition.

The problem is that in a world of shallow ambition, hype works. Get people on board, get them excited to do something for you, and find lots of success. If you want to do the same kind of event/launch/life everyone else does, you’re going to need some hype.

When it’s hype, it’s never about what your hyping, it’s about you and it’s almost always about your success, image, and acceptance.

That’s the difference between hype and passion.

Passion reveals something you’d suffer for. Hype reveals something you’d make someone else suffer for.

Once you sacrifice mainstream success, unhealthy ambition, and your own image, you won’t need hype anymore. You won’t need to manufacture anything.

In hype’s absence, passion will now have the space to grow freely.

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #105.

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