Wait. Does giving up control mean I should buy a Tesla?

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It’s the drive to direct your future, to protect yourself from all unknown, and to set yourself up to be viewed by others as successful or _____________ (you fill in the blank).

Let’s call this drive, control.

Control is a hard habit to kick. I get it. I desire to be totally free of the drive to control my life, but this desire is halted by my fear that if I give up control (in full disclosure, we never call it control) my life will, well, just stay put. It won’t go anywhere.

The idea of giving up control feels like I’m told to stop driving the car I’m driving. I fear that if I do it will just mean that the car won’t go anywhere.

It feels obvious and the thought of actually giving up control feels too risky.

I’ve begun to wonder though if this isn’t what it seems. I mean, what if when I stopped driving the car, it were to begin driving itself and what if it then took me in a direction that I couldn’t have imagined going before. And what if I ended up loving that direction more than all the other directions I knew. I mean, a self-driving car? Crazier thoughts have been thunk, no?

It feels unreasonable to give up control. But, it’s just fear posing as reason.

Control isn’t reasonable at all. In fact, giving up control is the most reasonable thing we could do. We all know this, right? We’re not actually in control.

Therefore, if we spend our lives trying to be in control it will only lead to a frustrated life where the road to true and lasting joy will take more time to travel, not less.

Want to get somewhere? The secret might be to figure out what it means to stop driving the car… Maybe buy a Tesla?

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #102.

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