In Life, Love Is the First Casualty

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My 100th Daily Dose

Love is a truth deeper than the concept of truth.

I’m not talking about love as it’s often expressed. I’m not talking about love as weak, as powerless, or confined to the emotions.

I’m talking about a reality deeper and more vast than our ever expanding universe.

Love is the first gift of life. It is love after all that makes life what it is, or rather, what it is meant to be.

Again, I’m not really talking about love as it’s often expressed. I’m not talking about the love of a happy couple, the love of romance. I’m talking about something more primal, more real, more universal.

I’m talking about the substance of reality itself.

Love is the first gift of life, but it quickly becomes its first casualty.

Because although love is the most powerful, timeless, and deep reality of life, our ability to feel it and grasp it is fleeting and thin.

It’s like listening for a faint sound. The moment that there is the slightest noise from a distant engine or a moving breeze, you lose it.

Love can only live in a place of absolute surrender, a place of neediness, a place free of pretense, a place where idols have been broken, and masks have been removed.

In a world of competition, mistrust, appearances, and fear, love has no place to call home, no place to lay its head.

In a world of ambition, love has no purpose. In this place, the best we can do is use love to further our purposes, our goals, our greed. Love won’t stay long for that.

In a world of relevance, love is completely and utterly irrelevant. This is not seen more clearly than when Jesus commands us to love our enemies. Of course he must not mean for this to apply to our literal enemies, right?. If he did mean this, and if we did choose to love our enemy, our enemy might mistake our love for weakness and take the opportunity to crucify us…

Love has no place to call home, no place to lay its head.

I’m not saying that I love my enemies well. I’m just saying that there’s a reality more real than self-preservation. It’s older than time and more powerful than an unlimited supply of electricity released at once and forever.

God is love — a furious, self-sacrificing, patient, personal, bulldozing, anxiety-melting force.

But the brokenness of life leaves love as its first casualty. And it is with love’s exile that life takes its course and leaves you and I with no place within us where love can live, no place for it to call home, no place where it can lay its head.

That place becomes closed, hidden, and sooner or later unknown.

And we feel this. It’s the feeling of loss, of emptiness, of not belonging, of searching and aching for more.

The good news is that love can be resurrected, received, and welcomed home.

Love can again become the first gift of life.

But the path is difficult and the journey is dangerous. To find love we must follow it. And in following it we must surrender all of the self-protection, ambition, and false identities we’ve built up and allow them to become, like love, a casualty.

It is there and then that we will find ourselves on the other side of life, a place of love.

The end of existence is love itself, unmasked and revealed as the beginning and the end, your Father and my Father.

There is nothing more important.

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my 100th blog post!


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