Reacting to a Wound

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What if you lived your whole life and then realized something?

As you thought back on your life you saw all of your decisions, your accomplishments, and your mistakes.

When you were experiencing them at the time, they all felt so — I don’t know how to say it — original… true.

But, now looking back you can see one event rising above everything else.

It was a moment of wounding.

Everyone has experienced wounding — a sense of deep hurt, of pain, of loss.

It’s a understatement to say that wounding can be tough and because it’s tough we all find ways to cope with it.

But, many of us don’t realize that unless we face our wounding and move toward its healing, we will react to the pain of it for the rest of our life.

Looking back on your life you see the moment of wounding casting a shadow upon every decision, every mistake, even every success.

Many of your actions, though they felt free at the time, were just a way of compensating for the wounding — a way of proving it wrong.

Sometimes we give ourselves to0 much credit.

Whether it’s through our impressive accomplishments or our interesting ideas, we’re often just reacting to our wounding.

Once we face the wound and find a level of healing, we can begin to experience increasing levels of peace and rest.

We get to be us, free to act, free to think, free to be.

So, is there a shadow cast upon your decisions, your mistakes, your successes?

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #79.

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