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5 Essential Things to Do Before Work

It’s not about secret hacks.

It’s about starting each day with the essential.


1. Wake up

First things first, right?

Wake up early. What time? It depends on you.

It’s not important exactly what time you wake up. The important thing is to choose a time that will keep you from feeling like you have to rush.

2. Drink water

Drink at least one full glass of high-quality water as soon after waking up as you can.

3. Go outside

I find this one really important.

Don’t let your commute to work (if you have one) be the first time you go outside for the day. Get outside as soon as possible.

Walk, sit, ride a bike.

Just get in the fresh air.

4. Sit in silence

Do this as long as you need to in order to come to a place of rest and peace.

This is a prayerful silence and there are many ‘methods’ and ‘names’ for this.

The important thing is to be quiet and have space.

Your day can be built upon a foundation of rest and peace or frantic anxiety.

5. Create

Make something that you enjoy making that is different from what you will spend your ‘work day’ doing.

This might mean blogging (what I do) or it could mean cooking, making coffee, reading, spoon carving, or drawing.


Give yourself enough time in the morning.

If you don’t, numbers 3, 4, and 5 will become stressful and you’ll focus on completing them instead of enjoying them.

Simple, right?

That’s the point.

So, get ready to wake up.

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