Break the Pattern

Life develops in patterns.

We get stuck in a mood, interested in a subject, and married to a routine.

There’s nothing wrong with this. It seems to be the way most of us make life work.

However, like positive patterns, negative patterns form too.

The only way to break a pattern is to break it.

This is incredibly difficult and it’s incredibly hopeful.

It’s difficult because the pattern developed for a reason and patterns naturally continue.

It’s hopeful because sometimes things aren’t mysterious, they’re just the product of a pattern.

Patterns can be broken.

I don’t want to oversimplify this. It’s difficult to do, all patterns are different, and even breaking them can look radically different depending on the person and the nature of the ‘negative pattern’.

But it’s hopeful to recognize that at times what we’re experiencing in life is just the product of a pattern that we’ve developed.

Patterns can be broken.

The way out is to slow down, recognize the pattern, and find a way to break it.

The decision to break a pattern is the beginning of breaking it.

If I endure the same negative thoughts every day in isolation, I might try breaking my usual pattern by finding someone trustworthy to share them with.

Life is full of patterns.

Change comes through breaking them…

and building new ones.

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #68.

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