Missing the Point for the Principles

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It’s possible to get so enamoured with a principle that you take it as your pet.

You rip it away from its context, you take it on the road, and you show it to the world.

Although there may be some truth to the principle, it is not itself the Truth.

And even worse, when it’s championed as truth it can become an enemy of the Truth that you love — or at least have nothing to do with it.

We’re prone to do this with the Bible.

The scriptures are a great, complex story. Like all stories there are good ideas and principles that you can dig out from its various chapters.

However, if we’re not careful we’ll miss the forest of the Bible for the trees of the principles.

The principles are incidental to the story.

It’s the point of the story that matters — the good news that God is fully revealed in the person of Jesus and that this changes everything for those who would surrender their lives to him and trust him — not necessarily uncovering and practicing the principles that can be seen throughout the story.

It’s so easy to get the principles wrong when we rip them away from their context.

When someone comes face to face with the Point, true principles will follow.

When someone finds the forest, surely they’ll find a tree or two.

Become enamoured with the Point, not with the principles.

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #64.

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