Take Heart

Opening the Door to Courage

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When it’s difficult to have courage, it’s difficult.

To have courage is another way of saying ‘take heart’. It’s a way of living from our true selves and facing life head on.

Difficult circumstances have a way of shaking off all the extra bits that we’ve accumulated, giving us perspective, and leading us back to the centre of life and the truly important things that come from there.

Courage must be taken and held onto. It’s seldom easy. It would almost always be easier to give up.

Dis-courage-ment comes when, like victims, we live in reaction to our circumstances. It comes when we surrender to the version of reality that our intellect has reasoned out of everything going on around us.

Courage looks like facing our circumstances, and (sometimes) our own worst-case-scenario version of reality, head on.

To live with courage is difficult when we are our own beginning and end. It’s difficult when we don’t feel like we have anyone to back us up or anyone to catch us when we fall or just someone to be with us when nothing works out.

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD. Psalm 31:23

Hoping in someone other than yourself and something outside of your circumstances is the door that you must open if you’re going to reach out and take heart.

Go ahead and open it.

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #61.

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