A Reluctant Defence of WWJD

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I’m unearthing the whole WWJD thing to try and say one simple thing here.


It matters what Jesus would do in a given situation.

Bracelets don’t matter.

Weird Christian sub-culture stuff doesn’t matter.

But it matters that you develop a growing sense of the ethics and actions of Jesus and are able to apply them within the complicated and polarized issues of the world that you find yourself in.

All of us are asking WW…

The thing is, it would be better to ask WWJD? rather than WWOPEMTD? or WWTPPD? or something else.

We are all going to ask something — whether consciously or subconsciously. We might as well ask WWJD and wrestle with that — making sure to test our assumptions against the clear examples of his teaching and actions in the New Testament.


You know, J — the 1st century middle-eastern man who claimed to be God, loved his enemies, dined and drank with rejected folks, died a criminal’s death, angered the self-righteous, and gave grace to all who would receive it. He left nothing behind but an empty tomb, a bunch of eyewitnesses to his resurrection, and a small group of people with hearts so full of his love that they surrendered their bodies to be killed in his name.

That guy.

The world would probably look a lot different if we did a little bit of what he did. No, not with some weird motivation to become like the self-righteous people he shook up, but just motivated by his love and moved to follow as if in the footsteps of a mentor or to mimic the voice, gestures, and interests of a father.

Skipping past the bracelets, let’s head right for a transformed heart and a growing sense of the ethics and actions of Jesus.



WWJD = What Would Jesus Do?

WWOPEMTD = What Would Other People Expect Me To Do?

WWMPPD = What Would My Political Party Do?

Hi, I’m Michael and this is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #58.

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