In Search of the Essential and Significant

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Salvation obviously means to be saved from something.

Although we don’t often use the word, it’s alive and well in our subconscious desire and pursuits.

The reason we desire more, whether it’s more (or different) possessions, more money, or more (or different) relationships, is because we feel unsatisfied and incomplete with what we currently have.

Deep down inside we’re looking for salvation from our present life.

The reason we desire more of certain things is because they make a promise to us, whether overtly or inadvertently.

They promise us a deeper, richer experience of life, or inversely, a salvation from our current empty, or less than our ideal, life.

We’re all looking for salvation.

Increasing amounts of people are detoxing from this endless pursuit of more and pursuing minimalism.

Minimalism is about intentionally living with less to enjoy the essential and significant.

But once you get beyond all the good and healthy things like giving things away, buying less stuff, spending more time with loved ones, slowing down and stressing less, one obvious question remains: what is the essential and significant?

Minimalism is a road to the essential and significant. It is not itself the essential and significant.

The search for the essential and significant is a search for salvation.

“The word ‘saved’ of course implies that you are being rescued from something. Many Christians use the word ‘saved’ as a term of going to heaven but for Paul, being saved means being rescued from becoming dead. Salvation ultimately means salvation from death. What causes death is when people give their hearts and their lives to things which are not God because God is the only source of life.” [1]

To cut to the chase and give you my perspective:

Life is the essential and significant.

And so, what if life — that thing that can’t be bought or quantified but only received and experienced — comes only from this one source?

Maybe we all should become minimalists, and in our search for salvation, allow our minimalism to lead us to God — the essential and significant.

[1] NT Wright, qtd. in

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This is Dose #54.

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