Moving from Judgement to Relationship

Judgement is wrong when it’s wrong.

That’s the problem with judgement, not just that judging others is unethical, but that it’s just so often incorrect.

Of course you feel certain about the judgment when you make it — that’s why you made it.

But judgements are almost always made in isolation and from a distance.

Things at a distance always appear different than they actually are.

When you move closer you see that what just looked like a basic shape, is actually full of detail and quite different than you first thought.

Judgement thrives in isolation.

How do you stop judging?

Engage in relationship.

Relationship destroys dualistic, simplistic, judgemental thinking.

This doesn’t mean there’s no truth — but that the truth can only be discovered in relationship.

By keeping a distance, you will see everything as black or white, but the answer might be forest green.

Judgement is easy, relationship is difficult.

We judge others, we judge God, we judge ideas — and many of these we’ve never really known, really lived, or really sat with.

To grow, to change, to think correctly, and to discover the truth, you must engage in relationship.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #49.

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