Double or Nothing

Find the Answer Twice as Easy by Making the Problem Twice as Hard

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You’re doing 20 push-ups.

You count as you go: one… two… t h r e e…. f o u r…

You’re doing three things: you’re physically performing the push-up, you’re counting, and you’re also thinking about number 20.

Our anxiety inflates the thing we focus on — making it bigger than it really is.

When you have to write 20 pages, the idea of 20 can begin to feel impossible and out of reach.

There is a simple way to move forward.

Double the problem.

Instead of writing 20 pages, decide that you will write 40 instead.

Of course, you’re only going submit 20, but the weight of 20 might disappear if you focus on 40. Your writing will be better for it too.

Instead of focusing on 20 push-ups, decide to do 40.

As you focus on 40, 20 will come much easier. You might not make it all the way to 40, but you’ll probably make it to 20 — maybe even completing a few extra push-ups.

For me, the most difficult thing about blogging every day is generating ideas.

During one week where I was finding it especially difficult to write, I decided to double my problem.

Instead of writing one blog post each day, I decided to write two.

That felt like it made writing one post half as difficult.

Instead of fixating on finding one perfect idea, try finding two, or even better, ten.

As soon as you choose to complete a task or solve a problem, the mind has a way of blowing it up by filling it with anxiety.

Create a diversion for your mind by doubling your problem.

Have you been finding it really difficult to do something?

Try doubling it today.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #48.

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