Escape the Mold-Ridden Shack

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Perfectionism is the practice of building shacks around ideals.

Even though the open field is much more conducive to finding real creative and innovative solutions, many of us opt for the shack.

Here’s how it works:

We take an ideal, something that doesn’t actually exist, and we build a shack around it.

Then, we lock ourselves inside.

Within this enclosed space, the humidity begins to grow mold.

It’s a neurotoxin.

It causes cell death in our brains. In this shack, we actually begin to think that the room is better than the open field — better for living life and finding answers.

But remember, the mold is a neurotoxin.

Of course the small, mold-ridden shack doesn’t lead to anything healthy.

But having trapped ourselves inside and having spent most of our time obsessing over this ideal, we can’t see the mold for what it is.

We begin to forget the field and have nothing to compare our m0ld-ridden room with.

With nothing to compare it to, our way of thinking looks pretty good.

And there’s our ideal there, in the middle of the shack, as impressive as ever — even if it does have some toxic mold growing here and there.

After some time in the shack, we can only see in black and white.

It’s either success or failure, life or death. And, with our perspective poisoned, the shack looks like life and everything else, like death.

Of course, the tragic irony of the shack is that there’s death growing inside, while life is just outside.

But, we can’t see that. We can’t understand how the field could be better when there are real dangers in the field. In the field, we could get stuck in the rain or be chased by a predator.

Remember, it’s all about the black and white — every little danger must mean death.

The fixation on the ideal, as the mold creeps up and around it, begins to tax our nervous system at suffocating levels.

Anxiety grows.

There’s a little part of us, resisting the toxin, that wonders if this ideal is really worth it.

But, without perspective, we double down and press on to worship and pursue this ideal — perfection.

(The word ‘ideal’ looks a lot like the word ‘idol’… 😉)

So, if you want to live, get out of this shack.

You have to break out.

This will always feel scary and wrong, because you’re going have to leave your ideal behind. Remember, it’s covered in the mold.

Break down the door and let come what will.

Your brain will tell you to STOP because it thinks you will experience failure.

But failure and mistakes are the price to pay for access to clean air, brilliant ideas, and real results.

Get outside.

Your perspective will expand, the colour will return, and getting stuck in the rain might even wash off the mold spores.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #47.

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