Kicking the Grass

Why We Shouldn’t Cover Up Our Stuff

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I’m still walking the dog.

This dog, like probably all dogs, does his stuff and then centuries of k-9 instinct spark a wild-hind-leg-kicking-frenzy, which is taken out on whatever green patch of grass he has chosen as a bathroom today.

But as I stand there, sipping my tea, I wonder, at times silently and sometimes vocally: why does he miss so badly?

He’s placed his stuff just there under the tree. Now, he turns to get an angle in order to kick with his hind legs, covering up his stuff with earth and grass. But his aim is bad — so bad. He’s flinging some grass and some dirt but it never even travels close to his stuff.

We’re all a lot like this dog. We all have stuff, we all drop it in public, and we all have an instinctive response to kick up some grass to cover it up so that others don’t see it.

As I’ve been reflecting (as I’m sure many of us do) about dogs and the kicking, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a good thing that he can’t seem to cover up his stuff.

And it’s equally good that most of us are terrible at hiding our stuff too. If we and the dog were good at it, people would be stepping in it constantly. It actually contributes to the common good when our stuff is there in plain site — and it’s even better when we have the awareness to pick it up and put it in the garbage.

Wait… On second thought, maybe he’s not aiming for the stuff at all.

Maybe he’s aiming for me…

If you’ve read to the end, than I’ll let you in on a secret. The most recent research happening in the exciting world of dogs points to the conclusion that dogs are not trying to cover up their stuff at all, but rather they’re marking their territory by releasing pheromones from their paws.

I guess that makes sense. Were we really all thinking that dogs just wanted to be polite and discreet?

Anyway, it’s still better to not cover up your stuff — think of the people that might step in it.

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This is Dose #46

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