Opt for the Pot

How to Thrive in Any Environment

Some trees are planted in big pots while others are planted square in the ground.

In general, it’s probably healthier for the tree to be planted in its natural habitat, but…

In our world, with its depleting soil, poisoned land, and the normality of getting transplanted, it’s probably better to be planted in a pot.

In fact, if you have a choice between getting planted in the ground or in a pot, opt for the pot.


If you get planted in the ground, you’re going to have to live or die according to the make-up of that soil.

If it’s poisoned, you’re poisoned.

The pot, on the other hand, will provide you with a space to grow in that is not contaminated by the environment around you, while allowing you to be a member of that environment and even contribute to it through creating shade, a home for animals, or a swinging apparatus for humans.

Often times, we aren’t thriving because we are constantly reacting to the environment around us, sucking up its soil content and reacting back with its poison.

Instead, live in your own pot, take in good nutrients, and respond to the environment around you in a healthier, more proactive way.

Living in your pot, you can thrive in almost any country, city, home, job, family, relationship, team, or difficult situation.

You really can thrive in any environment.

Once you’re living in the pot, it won’t matter so much what the content of the soil outside of your pot is. The important thing will be the content of your own soil.

You’ll be able to go into strange and difficult environments and thrive while providing some much needed shade there.

So, where are you planted right now?

Opt for the pot.

O yeah… and make sure you find some good soil, water, and sun.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #37.

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