Tag, You’re It

Stop Running Away From Yourself

Maybe life goes by fast because you’re running…

from yourself.

In fact, for many of us, whether we know it or not, life is a game that we’re playing.

It’s tag and we’re being chased…

by ourselves.

We run away from ourselves with the help of the time-tested skills of avoiding and ignoring — racing through the Game of Life™ with one goal — don’t get caught.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, we don’t want to get caught because we can’t deal with what will find us…


And the real us, the us with complicated questions, emotions, thoughts, and fears, might be too much for us to handle.

We don’t want to face ourselves. We can’t.

So, we ignore and avoid and run as fast as we can through life.

We can’t let ourselves catch up with ourselves.

That wouldn’t be good…

But, the truth is…

Until you stop running away from yourself, nothing else you do will matter.

Until you do this, everything you start, work on, or accomplish, will ultimately be a waste and somewhat of a fraud.

In fact, everything you did will have just been in service to your massive game of tag.

All of those things and relationships were just there to keep you going fast, to distract you, and to make you forget about what was chasing you.

Even the big, successful company you started and that went public will have been a sham. It wasn’t ever really about creating value for other people. It was about the game. It was about staying one step ahead of your insecurities by hiding in success and admiration.

We will use anything we can to continue the game and not get caught.

It’s almost always about the game.

Unless there’s no longer a game…

For your own sake, slow down and let the game end.

Let yourself catch up with yourself, listen to yourself, and respond to the needs, the issues, and the questions. Invite someone else into the game to help you to stop playing.

After you end the game, you can begin living life proactively and freely, no longer trapping yourself in a massive game of tag.

Slow down and let the game end.

Just make sure of one thing:

After the game ends, pay attention and make sure it doesn’t start up again.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #35.

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