Climb Above the Clouds

I love that moment…

The plane’s been experiencing some turbulence, the windows are white with thick cloud, and the cabin light is dim.

As you stare out the window, the plane breaks through the clouds.

No matter what the weather was like on the surface, it’s always clear up here.

Every time I’ve been on a plane, it’s this moment, and the hours that pass riding above the clouds, that have provided me with a keen sense of clarity, peace, and perspective on the current events of my life.

It’s normal that when we stare at something for too long, it begins to look blurry and can even seem to grow bigger.

Our view of reality becomes eclipsed by this blurry object taking up increasing amounts of our mental real estate.

Staring at or ruminating on a problem like this often leaves us feeling weary, overwhelmed, and confused.

This is when our hours, days, weeks, and months begin blurring together.

But remember…

Even when life feels blurry and thick with clouds on the surface, if you go high enough, everything is always clear.

Instead of just trying to solve the problem, or changing your circumstance, focus on finding another perspective.

Maybe it’s time to buckle up, travel above the clouds, and get some clarity…

Can’t jump on a plane today?

Maybe you can climb a hill.

So, that’s me. What gives you perspective?

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #31.

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