Live Slowly

What are you doing with all that time you’re burning?

In 2009, my Facebook profile’s bio read, “Live Slowly.”

By 2011, I don’t know what it said.

I don’t think it said anything. I had erased it and I don’t think I had time to write anything else…

We all have a life and living is what we do with it.

Life is experienced as time and so the way we experience time is the way we experience life.

Time is a finite resource.

You can gather it up and burn it all to fuel fancy cars and selfish ambition.

Or, you can place a small log of time into your fireplace, sit still, and enjoy the radiating heat as it warms your life.

What’s more? Life feels like it goes by quickly anyway.

Your job is to slow it down.


Become aware, intentional, and grateful.

1. Become Aware

Begin noting how you are spending your time. What do you spend it on? What are you doing with all of those minutes and hours? Pay careful attention to what you think about — the mind will burn time faster than almost anything else.

2. Become Intentional

After becoming aware of how you’re using your time, begin to intentionally slow it down. This requires stopping things, more than starting things.

Being intentional is about choosing what you will spend your time (your life) on. As you begin to view time as finite and valuable, you will spend it on the things that matter the most.

The key here is to choose beforehand. Budget your time, not just your money.

3. Become Grateful

As you become more aware of how you are spending your life, and you begin to use your time more intentionally, you will begin to experience gratitude.

In slowing down, you notice things that you haven’t before — things that give life its richness and meaning. You’ll begin to see the uniqueness of the people around you, the peace of the early morning air, the warmth of time burning slowly.

Slow down. You’ll thank yourself later.

Thanks, 2009.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is Dose #30.

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