Suffocating the Tyranny of the Urgent

Got a lot to do? Try going to sleep.

There was an experiment performed the year that I was born.

In the experiment, researchers found that rats could survive no more than between 11 and 32 days without sleep [1].

That’s less time than a person can survive with little to no food.

The only thing more important to keeping a human body alive is water.

In theory, we all know that sleep is important.

But, we have a barrage of information related to food and nutrition. Why so little mainstream interest in sleep?

Sleep requires turning everything off.

And that is a threat to the Dictatorship of our day.

This Dictatorship uses invisible laser beams to constantly make you feel that you’re not accomplishing enough.

And worse… by winding you up to spin out of control, it’s actually causing you to not accomplish as much… especially when it comes to accomplishing important things.

Humans were, apparently, designed to require regular recharging.

To not recharge is to deny reality.

When you kill yourself to accomplish something, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because you’ve killed yourself.

The good news is, you can defeat the Tyrrany of the Urgent.


Suffocate it.

You can suffocate it by ignoring its constant stream of urgent tasks and needs. How do you ignore it, don’t think about doing nothing, try doing something different.

It’s a different kind of productivity — the things we don’t normally count as productivity.

In the face of the assault… sleep.

Or go for a walk, sit in silence, anything — anything that recharges you.

One rule: don’t use social media or any kind of screen. This is how the dictatorship shoots its laser beams into your mind.

Don’t be fooled. This kind of active, intentional recharging is more difficult than going with the flow of the Dictatorship.

This Dictatorship is really a sham though. Its power comes from your devotion to its lie that you will be better and more productive by being on and completing every task and every need.

The truth is, you will be better off and exponentially more productive by living as you are: a human being.

Human beings are amazingly productive. We can accomplish a lot in a little amount of time. The problem is that we’re often pushing so hard toward something that we lose all perspective, all creativity and, thus, all productivity.

We wake up days, months or years later. We remember how hard we worked, how much we worried, and we can’t find much to show for it.

Surely more should have come from all that…

The Dictatorship won.

But not next time.

Overthrow the Dictatorship and regain your life by slowing down and recharging.

If you don’t recharge, your best case scenario is probably a future that includes carrying around a human-sized, awkward battery pack charger thing everywhere you go.


This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is ‘Dose’ #25.

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