Escape Velocity

Leaving the Orbit Around Other People’s Opinions

You are a spaceship and you’re in orbit.

What you orbit around determines your perspective which determines a lot of other things.

When you’re in orbit, life will be flying by somewhere around 17,500mph.

Once again, what you orbit around will begin to form the substance of your life.

Knowing this, you should be picky when deciding what planet you want your spaceship to orbit around.

What planets might you want to steer clear of?

Here’s one:

The Planet of Other People’s Opinions

This planet has an atmosphere of anxiety. It’s toxic fumes will make you think that you know what other people are thinking. Even though you will be quite sure, don’t be fooled. The toxins are strong.

This planet will, literally, steal your life from you.

Instead of living life freely, you will be constantly reacting to the atmosphere around you. It will keep you there by its gravitational pull of praises. A praise every once in a while, will like a drug, make you chase the next dose. This keeps you from recognizing the sickness you feel from breathing in the barrage of negative opinions.

Before you know it, your life is done, the fuel is out, and you’re getting sucked toward the surface of the planet.

So, how do you get out of the orbit of a planet like this?

  1. Recognize the gravity of your situation. Ba dum chh.
  2. Refuel. To make a big change like this requires fuel. If you’re on empty you need to fill yourself with good things that will give you enough strength to get away from the pull of this planet.
  3. Fire your thrusters. If you don’t have the fuel required go back to #2. Firing the thrusters is a controlled explosion and it needs to be powerful enough to pull away from the gravitational pull. The speed you’re looking for is called the escape velocity. You need to set a fire under your spaceship, and you might not be willing to do this until you’re almost crashing into the planet.
  4. Determine where you are going. You’re going to need to orbit something. Even when a spaceship leaves the orbit of a planet, it’s orbiting the sun. To leave the pull of the sun means a black hole of a lot of thrusters. So, determine the planet that you can orbit that will give you the healthiest, truest perspective. Hint: you can’t orbit yourself.

So, Houston, do we have a problem?

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is ‘Dose’ #24.

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