Surprise Monotony

Make Any Day Different

We are creatures of habit.

Many of us take the same routes and do the same things almost every day.

We even think and feel the same things every day, even when they’re negative and unhealthy.

Feel like you’re in a rut, bored, unmotivated?

It might just be Unintentional Monotony.

The Intentional kind of Monotony can feel like a trainer at the gym and the repetition of a habit you chose that is difficult but good.

Unintentional Monotony, however, is a quiet invader, a tool of Resistance, and it must be treated like one.

The way to overcome Unintentional Monotony is to sneak up on it and surprise it!

Driving the same route in the car every day? Don’t tell anyone, but at the last minute, take a detour.

Skip lunch every day? Go to eat somewhere you’ve never been today.

Check Facebook constantly? Take the day off. Having trouble? Give a trusted friend your password and ask them to change it for the day.

Have a sick day or vacation day available? Take it and do something different. Anything.

Is there something you do every day that you never consciously planned to do. Don’t do it today. Intentionally do something else. Anything.

Don’t wait until Unintentional Monotony tries to take you out.

Surprise it today. You might just lose it.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is ‘Dose’ #17.

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