Mind Fever

Why It Might Be Healthy to Be out of Your Mind. Literally.

When someone is stuck in a cabin and unable to leave for a long period of time, they can experience Cabin Fever — essentially distorting their experience of reality.

When we stay within the ‘cabin’ of our our Mind for long periods of time without leaving, we can develop Mind Fever — even more dangerous.

When we develop Mind Fever, we become highly anxious about something, anything. We play conversations over 523 times — conversations we’ve had or the conversation we just imagine we will have!

We try to figure things out, and the mind, the prince of pride, thinks that it will or has already figured it out.

But what do we find when we leave the Mind?

Often, we find the answers to our questions and, more importantly, a possible antidote to our anxiety.

The Mind is good at making small things become BIG THINGS. Things that have not happened get played on repeat as if they have happened.

The Mind is good at ignoring things that don’t help to cultivate anxiety and worry. This is because anxiety and worry are drugs that give our brain, and our Mind, a high.

There is one thing that the Mind can’t do though… it can’t do.

If we’re going to act, to do something, we’ll need to leave the safe confines of our mind.

And how will we solve the problem we experience without doing something about it?

This is why we’ve got to get out.

But the Mind fires back quickly, “Just act?! Don’t you know you’re going to screw up? What will people think about you?! Spend some more time here, think it over!! Don’t leave!!”

That’s right — staying in your Mind all the time will not lead to anything healthy.

Like a cozy cabin with a glowing fireplace, the Mind can recharge us and help us — but sooner or later, if we don’t get out of it, we’ll develop Mind Fever.

So, get out.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is ‘Dose’ #15.

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