The Keys Might Be in Your Hand

On Finding Your Calling

Maybe you’re looking for something, frantically searching for it, and it’s been in your hand the whole time.

Maybe you’re looking for something that’s not lost. Maybe you’re looking for something that’s just been ignored.

We wrongly assume that our calling, what we are here for, can not possibly be where we are right now or what we do right now.

There is no way.

Assume for a moment that that thing you’re trying to find is hiding in plain sight.

There’s something you can do. Better than everyone else?

That’s a fruitless question.

The real question is — is it something you can do? Something you love to do? Something that matters, or will matter, to people? To some people?

Assume that it’s right here. Maybe it’s your brain. Use it. Maybe it’s a brush. Use it. Maybe it’s an idea. Do it.

This acceptance will lead to other things.

If you realize the keys are in your hand, they may unlock what feels like an old clunker, but that car might take you somewhere that you’d never thought you could go.

Stop frantically searching for your keys and recognize that maybe you’ve been holding them this whole time.

Maybe it’s just that you’re afraid to drive…

Still can’t find your keys? Maybe you hid them away in your bag or placed them in your pocket.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is ‘Dose’ #14.

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