Tomato Patches

Where do creative ideas come from?

Creative ideas are tomatoes and they come from healthy tomato patches.

Tomato patches are little ecosystems and it’s the ecosystem that is the point.

How do you get this ecosystem?

  • Find a piece of land (hint: we all have one already) and control it. Put up a fence or some perimeter to keep unwanted things out.
  • Check out the soil. How is it? Improve it by letting it rest and…
  • Spread compost made from many different things.*
  • Consider even spreading some crap in it and it’ll be even better.**
  • Find and plant good seeds.
  • Make sure there’s water, but not too much.
  • Pay attention to how much sun the patch is getting and how the tomatoes are doing.
  • Are they ready to be picked? Pick them.***

It’s pretty simple. It’s all about the right conditions.

It’s not really about the tomato and it’s certainly not mostly about picking it.

The day you pick the tomato, you really haven’t done much. It’s all about what you did beforehand.

Under the right conditions, a tomato patch can produce a steady stream of tomatoes — sometimes even more than you can eat.

Want a tomato?

Invest in the patch and the patch will give you tomatoes.

*Expose yourself to lots of nourishing things — read widely, talk deeply, play fully.

**Creative ideas might require some crap in your life. It’s not about perfection.

***If you leave them there too long, they’ll just rot.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is ‘Dose’ #13.

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