What If the Wall Is a Door?

11 Questions About Difficult Things

There’s no way around them… but there is a way through them.

We dread the difficult things and we protect our lives from them, so that, hopefully, we will encounter as few of them as possible.

But what if the difficult things are difficult because they challenge us and require us to make a choice, make a change, or confront the deep things of our lives?

And what if we thought we were pretty alright before the difficult thing happened but that we were, in fact, not?

What if the thing that it’s trying to teach us is something that will give us life, not take it away?

And what if it’s only difficult because we couldn’t learn it any other way?

What if the huge wall that we stand before and peer up at is actually a door?

And what if that door leads to life even if the thing feels like death?

What if the difficult thing, the hard situation, is actually what we’ve needed for a long time?

What if we welcomed the difficult thing knowing that it would produce a door that would lead to a more full life?

What if the difficult thing was a gift in disguise?

What if the wall only looks like a wall?

What if it is, in fact, a door?

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is ‘Dose’ #12.


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