Don’t Fall Up the Stairs

You stand before a staircase containing 10 steps.

Your goal is to arrive at step 10. Eager to do this, and impatient as always, you take a few steps back, run and jump.

You crash somewhere between steps 2 and 3.

You dust yourself off and you try again.

Same result.

No matter how much energy you use or how fast you run, you can’t seem to make it to step 10.

The secret to a staircase is in the steps.

One step leads to the next and it takes little effort to move from one stair to the next. In no time, you’ll be at the top.

If step 10 is the ultimate destination, then step 1 is today’s destination.

If you want to make it to the glorious and exciting world of step 10, then give your time and attention to step 1.

Step 1 is way more important than step 10.

Take step 1. The next step will be clear.

This is my daily project where I write about diverse ideas.

This is ‘Dose’ #6.


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